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Theatre for Social Justice


Theatre for Social Justice is a program created by San Carlos Children’s Theater and Fuse Theatre designed to give 6th-8th grade students a space to learn about social justice and express themselves through theatrical performance. This program is customizable; it can be done in the classroom or online, and contains a multitude of units that teachers can select from.

Public Performance: This is an added performance at your location for friends and family to attend outside of the school day. 

Professional Development for Teachers: Can be held at your location or on-site in Belmont.  

Therapy Sessions


Therapy Sessions is an immersive musical experience designed to reconnect community through the healing powers of song and storytelling. Melissa Modifer’s story of hope, love, loss, resilience, and, most importantly, gratitude will be coming to the Bay Area with Fuse Theatre in 2023.

Past Projects

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans

February 2019

This contemporary Latin-American Cinderella musical delightfully turns the classic fairy tale on its head, telling the story from both Cinderella and the “stepsisters” perspective.

Tomás and the Library Lady

February 2018

Fuse Theatre developed a stage production of Jose Cruz Gonzalez’s play adaptation of Pat Mora’s children’s book Tomás and the Library Lady. This play is the boyhood story of Tomás Rivera and how he befriended a librarian in Iowa who encouraged him to read. 

3 Sparks in the Dark (baWTF Festival)

Online – April 2020

As part of the Bay Area Women’s Theatre Festival, Fuse Theatre presented 3 Sparks in the Dark, a Celebration of Women in Theatre.

Echoes of Them

November 2019

Fuse Theatre and New Ground Theatre Dance (NGTD) partnered to combine the healing aspects of dance into a new one-woman show, Echoes of Them, by Chelsea Unzner.

Lily’s Wings (Las Alas de Lily)

May 2019

An original play created by Jo Beth Gonzalez’s drama group at Bowling Green High School in Ohio as a social justice theatre piece with playwright, Roxanne Schroeder-Arce. The play is targeting an audience of young people and adults to bring awareness about human trafficking. 

Docktown Project

October 19-21, 2019

Fuse Theatre worked with members of the Docktown Community to create a new play that allowed its members to tell their own story.  The play not merely reflected its legal predicament, but its long history and, we hope, the spirit of its residents.

Because I Went There

June 2019

In a world where people in positions of power and privilege can get away with almost everything, the spouse and the parents face the truths about the victim blaming/shaming of their beloved partner/child and their own biases. The audience must decide the fate of the brilliant, promising athletic student. A compelling exploration of the power struggles between genders through the lens of a sexual assault case.

Dream Club


Using the structure of short performances, students creatively highlighted awareness about challenges faced by undocumented students and their families. The Dream Club has performed these pieces at their annual Dream Club “Making Dreams Come True” Dinner Fundraiser, conferences, and community gatherings. Sequoia High School students were the first participants in our internship program which often led to positions with the company. Most recently Fuse hosted the Dream Club’s virtual celebration and fundraiser during the pandemic in 2020.

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