Lily's Wings

An Anti-trafficking Community Project and Play

Lily’s Wings is an original play created by Jo Beth Gonzalez’s drama group at Bowling Green High School in Ohio as a social justice theatre piece with playwright, Roxanne Schroeder-Arce.  Dr. Gonzalez and Ms. Schroeder-Arce will partner with Stacey Ardelean and Fuse Theatre to produce this play in the Bay Area. The play targets an audience of adolescents and adults to raise awareness about human trafficking.  The play centers around a young girl, Lily, who is lured by the attentions of an older boy, Vic, whose motives are not what they seem.  Lily’s older sister confronts her about Vic’s intentions.

Fuse Theatre process:

Fuse Theatre will produce a touring play with professional and community actors in partnership with local organizations working to end human trafficking. Audiences will see the play and also be invited to stay for conversations about human trafficking awareness, advocacy and support services. Fuse will also develop workshops to encourage personal voice, storytelling and community dialogue around the themes of the play.  Fuse is seeking project partners in the following roles:

Our Partners:

  • Workshop Partners:  Organizations host play-reading round-tables and/or story circle workshops with their constituents.  Workshops are facilitated with input from the partner organizations.  
  • Production Partners:  Organizations or individuals host performances for the community or offer support through in-kind donations including “expert” personnel for after-show community conversations or providing rehearsal/performance space.
  • Funding Partners: Organizations or individuals interested in supporting anti-trafficking awareness by supporting Fuse’s Lily’s Wings production with monetary donations. 

About Playwright and Producers:

Dr. Jo Beth Gonzalez is a middle and high school theatre and public speaking teacher who advises the Bowling Green High School Drama Club. The BGHS Drama Club received the 2018 OH/MICH Liberators Award for their efforts to bring awareness to human sex trafficking of minors. Dr Jo Beth Gonzalez holds a B.S. in Education, M.F.A. in Directing from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D in Theatre from Bowling Green State University.

Roxanne Schroeder-Arce is Associate Professor and Head of the UTeach Theatre program at the University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre & Dance. Aside from her teaching, Schroeder-Arce is a scholar, director and playwright. Her research interests include culturally responsive theatre education and Latinx theatre with and for youth. Schroeder-Arce is a proud alumna of Emerson College, The University of Texas at Austin and the Upward Bound Program.

Stacey Ardelean is founder and artistic director of Fuse Theatre.  She has over 20 years’ experience as a drama teacher and her directing credits include over 50 productions. She holds a  B.A. in Theater and Arts Management from Amherst and a Masters in Theater Education from the University of Northern Colorado.  She serves as president on the national board of the American Alliance of Theatre and Education (AATE).