Lily's Wings

An Anti-trafficking Community Project and Play

Lily’s Wings is an original play created by Jo Beth Gonzalez’s drama group at Bowling Green High School in Ohio as a social justice theatre piece with playwright, Roxanne Schroeder-Arce.  Dr. Gonzalez and Ms Schroeder-Arce partnered with Stacey Ardelean and Fuse Theatre to produce this play in the Bay Area. The play is targeting an audience of young people and adults to bring awareness about human trafficking.  The play is centered around a young girl, Lily, who is lured by the attentions of an older boy, Vic, whose motives are not what they seem.  Lily’s older sister confronts her about Vic’s intentions but not before his shadow business takes their friend Camila.  The playwright developed a bi-lingual version for the Fuse Theatre project in the SF Bay Area.

The initial tour of Lily’s Wings was performed in multiple schools and community centers in the Bay Area during May 2019.  A return tour is being planned for early 2020. To book a show, contact Fuse Theatre at


Lily's Wings May 4 2019 -46 -4544 - May 04, 2019
Lily's Wings May 4 2019 -20 -4497 - May 04, 2019


Our  Partners:

BAATC (Bay Area Anti Trafficking Coalition): Provide introduction to some human trafficking facts, coordinate expert panelists for post-show discussions.  

SMC Human Trafficking Initiative: Host staged-reading in November.  Provide access to expert panelists and potential performance hosting agencies. 

Rape Trauma Services: A center for healing and violence prevention, provide panelists for post-show discussions.

Sequoia Christian Church: Hosting Fuse Theatre’s Premier performance and fundraiser on May 4, 2019. 

Authors and Director:

About Dr. Gonzalez:

Dr. Jo Beth Gonzalez holds a B.S. in Education, M.F.A. in Directing from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D in Theatre from Bowling Green State University. A middle and high school theatre and public speaking teacher, Gonzalez advises the Bowling Green High School Drama Club. The Drama Club’s Human Trafficking Awareness Troupe has led workshops throughout northwest Ohio for five years and co-wrote Lily’s Shadow with Roxanne Schoeder-Arce. The BGHS Drama Club received the 2018 OH/MICH Liberators Award for their efforts to bring awareness to human sex trafficking of minors. Gonzalez is the author of Temporary Stages II: Critically Oriented Drama Education (Intellect 2013) and serves on the College Board’s committee for 6 – 12 Curriculum Frameworks for Arts Education. She is the recipient of the Bowling Green State University’s 2015-2016 Educator of the Year Award, Ohio Educational Theatre Association’s 2015 Ohio Theatre Educator of the Year. She is currently a fellow in the 2017-2018 U.S. Department of State’s “Teachers for Global Classrooms” program.

 About Ms Schroeder-Arce:

Roxanne Schroeder-Arce is Associate Professor and Head of the UTeach Theatre program at the University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre & Dance. Aside from her teaching, Schroeder-Arce is a scholar, director and playwright. Her research interests include culturally responsive theatre education and Latinx theatre with and for youth. She has published articles in journals such as Youth Theatre Journal, International Journal for Education and the Arts and Theatre Topics. Roxanne’s plays, including Mariachi Girl and Señora Tortuga, are published by Dramatic Publishing. She is currently coauthoring the play Yana Wana’s Legend of the Bluebonnet, commissioned by Dallas Children’s Theatre. Schroeder-Arce is a proud alumna of Emerson College, The University of Texas at Austin and the Upward Bound Program. She taught theatre arts in Austin and Laredo, Texas for several years before she moved to higher education. Years ago, Schroeder-Arce was artistic and youth director of Teatro Humanidad, a bilingual theatre company in Austin. Her web site can be found at:

 About Ms Ardelean:


Stacey Ardelean is founder and artistic director of Fuse Theatre.  She has developed and implemented theatre and drama curriculum for elementary, middle school and high school for over 20 years as a theatre/drama teacher. Her directing credits include over 50 productions.  She serves as president on the national board of the American Alliance of Theatre and Education (AATE).  The journey to developing Fuse Theatre started 10 years ago with her participation in AATE’s Leadership Institute where she began developing the idea for the company.  Her studies and work in devised theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and theatre for social justice drives the mission of Fuse Theatre.  As her vision became more focused and viable, she return to college for an Arts Management program with Amherst University where she honed her business and leadership skills to create a solid foundation for Fuse Theatre.  Stacey now leads Fuse Theatre full-time where she infuses her principle of collaboration into every production.