My name is J. Adán Ruiz and I played the characters of Florencio and Papa Grande in the beautiful musical of Tomas and the Library Lady. I am very happy with the experience and knowledge that Fuse Theatre had left in my career as an actor and as a human being.
I like how Fuse Theatre promotes multiculturalism, tolerance, social justice, and family values in our community.
When I was performing for Tomas and The Library Lady, I remember seeing those little faces in the audience looking at the show; they were having fun, and they were getting into the story so deeply. It means a lot to me when a theatre group captivates so much attention from young kids and takes them away from our daily craziness.
The work that Fuse theatre is doing its amazing and it really touches our hearts. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with such a responsible, professional and kind group.

J. Adan Ruiz