Performances connect audiences with untold stories and strengthens awareness, creating more equitable communities.

Connections create respect for all.

Creating opportunities to tell stories through performance emotionally connects communities and individuals. Fuse performance projects center on untold stories and underrepresented communities, but performances reach all communities. Our original productions aim to tell personal stories and create platforms for playwrights and communities often underrepresented on stage.

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans

Tomás and the Library Lady

Developing New Works with Communities 

Developing relevant new work around social justice topics. (DockTown, Echoes of Them)

Developing New Works with Fuse SPARKS Ensemble and Artists

Collaborating with artists and playwrights to create new work. (What We Remember, Playing with Guns, Because I Went There)

Producing Plays and Musicals

Producing existing work deemed relevant by partners, artists, and communities. (Tomás and the Library Lady, Lily’s Wings, Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans)

We select our published projects by how they can amplify stories or topics we are exploring—representation for youth audiences, human-trafficking, gender-issues, etc.  

While we have three main strategies through which we work, we strive to have multiple, specific strategies for each project depending upon the needs and goals of the project. When developing a performance strategy we ask ourselves who are we serving with the performance. Who will see it? Who is performing? Why? How is the audience engaged?

Because I Went There – One Act Play

A compelling exploration between gender, power and social expectations.
From “3 Sparks in the Dark” — Presented by Arts Unity Movement and Fuse Theatre