Maximize community impact through artistic collaborations
by sharing resources and building capacity.

Empowering voices often silenced creates equity in our communities.

There is strength in collaboration when working toward goals.Fuse brings together partners working toward common goals.  Whether we are working artistically with another arts organization or with a social change organization, we offer our passions for social justice and collaborative theatre. Rooting our work in creating a collaborative process creates more empowered communities.

Docktown Community

Working with Artistic Partners & Organizations

Collaborating to develop work, festivals, and creative partnerships. (Collaborating with Quinteto Latino on the MITOS Project)

Working with Social Organizations

Creating live storytelling to impact audiences emotionally (Dream Club).

Working with Corporate Partners

Using theatre and storytelling to create leaning opportunities for corporate goals.

While we have three strategies through which we work, we strive to have multiple strategies for each project depending upon the needs and goals of the project. 

When developing a partnering strategy we spend time working on collaborative goals, outcomes and responsibilities with our partners for a more successful project. We also include our partners in our reflective practice.