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Community Connections

This program supports Fuse’s mission of engagement and connection with the communities in which we work. Activities under this program connect artists, audiences, and participants through community dialogues, learning opportunities, and outreach activities associated with our projects.  Events under this program include Cabaret Nights, Peer Panels, book talks, community workshops, conversation groups, and talk-backs. 


Video Gallery

Program Coordinator


Sahar Muhsin Laufman (she/they) is a queer black single mother of two who calls many places around the world home and has two degrees one a Masters in Social Change and the other a Masters in Divinity. She has worked for over 8 years as a diversity equity and inclusion consultant in various industries. This includes utilising modifications of theater of the oppressed as a communication building tool and often begins her trainings with the importance of pleasure activism, engaging learning and resistance with joy. She is a skilled project coordinator who has worked in various industries from non-profits, artists collectives, and faith based groups, to start ups, corporate structures and advocacy oganizations. She brings to her work a passion and skill in education to counter oppression and functional system design. She leverages that expertise to boost collaboration, innovation, and a focus on arts of liberation. 

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