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Ignite Artists

This program fosters artistic collaborations and supports the development of new plays at Fuse. Fuse develops new works in several ways: we support artists from within Fuse as they write and develop new projects, support playwrights from outside of Fuse by producing their original unpublished works, and collaborate with artistic partners to create new works. Ignite Artists provides artists with supportive and unique opportunities to connect with one another and learn from each other.  Events under this program include Creative Coffee Hours, Game Nights. Artist Circles, Pitch Nights, and Peer Panels featuring artists.

Ignite Artists Logo

Events for Artists

Game Nights

Join us for a Game Night in New York City or the Bay Area! Play games, win prizes, connect with local artists like yourself, and learn about upcoming opportunities to get involved with Fuse Theatre.

Ignite Artists Circles

Build creative collaborations! Over Zoom, we we will share our passion projects, offer and receive feedback, and find artistic collaborators. All creative minds welcome, whether you’re prepared to share a project or you’re just looking to connect with other theater artists. 

Project Pitch Events

Do you want Fuse Theatre to produce your original project? Each year, we hold a series of events to help artists develop their ideas and pitch their projects to be considered for production at Fuse Theatre. This typically occurs in the Fall or Winter.


Program Coordinator


Elana Hershman (she/her) is a performing artist and theater-maker from the San Francisco Bay Area, now living in New York City. She has a big spot in her heart for art and people and believes that theater is an important tool for building bridges between communities and creating empathy. She has an artistic home at Fuse Theatre, where she devises and produces issue-driven and community-centered art and events. She is also a teaching artist and has has served a diverse range of students in a variety of settings, including school classrooms, summer conservatories, and online workshops. She is currently working with New York City students through Broadway Bound Kids and Treasure Trunk Theater. She is driven to create a safe and empowering space in the arts for creatives of all ages, and she carries her commitment to accessibility and social equity through all her work.

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