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Every month, there are new performances, workshops, and community events to explore.

Upcoming Performances and Events


Community-Engaged Story Circles

March 30, 2024 from 10-12PM PST

April 27, 2024 from 3-5PM PST

Berkeley, CA [Tickets On-Sale Now!]

Community members are invited to come play and share stories about the natural world and what environmental issues are most important to them. We’ll share stories, laughter and purpose.  Maybe your story will end up in our next production! Two opportunities to participate. Come to one or both. While we strongly encourage artists and environmental advocates to attend, this is a welcoming space for all. No experience is necessary. Appropriate for ages 12+


Community-Engaged Story Circle: Extended!

May 25, 2024 from10-4PM PST

Berkeley, CA [Tickets On-Sale Now!]

Everyone is invited to attend this long-form workshop in May. At the end of the session, we will present a few scripts, movement pieces, poetry, or whatever creatively inspires us! From 10-2:30, we will workshop and rehearse, and at 3pm, we will perform for each other and guests. Signups are for participants. Invitations will be opened for audience at a later date. While we strongly encourage artists and environmental advocates to attend, this is a welcoming space for all! No experience is necessary. Appropriate for ages 12+

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Production History

Therapy Sessions

Fall 2023

Therapy Sessions is an immersive musical experience designed to reconnect communities through the healing powers of song and storytelling. Melissa Modifer’s story of hope, love, loss, resilience, and, most importantly, gratitude toured the Bay Area and Central California in the Fall of 2023.

Special Delivery

Fall 2021/Winter 2022

How do we stay in touch with those we are not near? This question drove the artist collective at Fuse Theatre (the "Sparks") to devise a story to be told through creative pieces of mail - delivered to you at home. Participants experienced storytelling through the mail. 10-12 pieces of mail that unveiled the story and characters. Special Delivery was produced with a generous CA$H grant from Theatre Bay Area.

Feeling Home

Spring 2023

Feeling Home is an immersive, sensorial theatre experience created by Fuse Theatre to build empathy and compassion towards those in our community making a new home. During this event, the audience explored themes of rebuilding a home, keeping traditions alive, and facing discrimination. The show was performed in multiple rooms throughout the San Mateo County History Museum.

Urgency of Now

February 2022

Fuse collaborated with Breakthrough Project for Social Justice in Lodi, California to create a performance project based on 5th and 6th graders’ essays responding to MLK’s speech on “the fierce urgency of now.” The final project was performed by community members and visiting teaching artists on MLK Day 2022 and streamed live from the California Islamic Center.

Mitos Project

December 2021

MITOS is a new work by nationally acclaimed composer Gabriela Lena Frank commissioned by Bay Area based classical music group Quinteto Latino, who partnered with Fuse Theatre to create an interactive performance piece.  

Affinity Lunch Minutes

April 2021

Ben and Jasmine are the only two Black teachers at Penn Valley, a private Quaker school. Jasmine is passionate and boundary pushing, while Ben has worked his way up the ranks at the school to be Diversity Dean thanks to his “agreeable” nature. A racially charged discipline decision ignites a divide at the school and in Jasmine and Ben’s collegial relationship. A virtual reading of this play was presented by Fuse alongside playwright Nick Malakhow.

Slice of Life

March 2021

Fuse presented an evening of plays by playwright Karen Zacarías.

Co-EXIST Festival

June 2020

Fuse and Dragon Productions Theatre Company, dedicated our Co-EXIST virtual platforms to support BIPOC and LGBTQ artists and tell underrepresented stories on our stages. The Co-EXIST Festival programming included talk backs, peer panels, and community conversations to create additional dialogue around the plays and their themes.


December 2020

Joumou is a new short play by playwright, AnJu Hyppolite. It tells the story of one family, the healing power of food, and the very special Haitian tradition of making joumou. After the play, the audience was invited to participate in an interactive workshop with the artists.  

Dream Club Partnership

From 2016-2020

Sequoia High School's Dream Club students advocate for undocumented students and raise awareness of their educational challenges. Fuse Theatre's Student Internship taught four students to be peer leaders for a series of Devised Performances Pieces around their experiences. The interns also participated in Fuse Theatre's productions.

3 Sparks in the Dark

April 2020

3 Sparks in the Dark featured three one-acts by Hanna Rachel Gerry, Hedvig Flores, and Chelsea Unzner. These were a part of the Bay Area Women's Theatre Festival 2020.

Gender Shorts Festival

June 2019

The Redwood City Play Festival, themed “Gender Shorts,” explored sexism and power through the work of local artists. The three plays were: “Because I Went There,” “Never Swim Alone,” and “Legal-Tender Loving Care.”

Echoes of Them

November 2019

Fuse Theatre and NewGround Theatre Dance Company co-created a re-imagined production of Chelsea’s Unzner’s play Echoes of Them. Echoes explores grief and bereavement through the eyes of five characters struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Lily's Wings (Las Alas de Lily)

May 2018 and 2019

Lily's Wings is a bilingual (Spanish/English) production which follows the story of Lily, a middle school student, and her older sister's friend as they are targeted by a "boyfriend" trafficker. Lily's Wings brings awareness to the issue of trafficking and one way that youth are targeted. While the subject area is serious, the play is approriate for youth and toured with Fuse Theatre to young audiences in 2018 and 2019 in order to promote awareness of this critical issue.

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans

February 2017

What will happen to Cinderella at the ball … game? That's the surprising climactic question in this contemporary Latin-American Cinderella musical, which delightfully turns the classic fairy tale on its head, telling the story from both Cinderella and the "stepsister's" perspective. This play was toured with Fuse Theatre's Connect and Play Program.

Tomás and the Library Lady

February 2016

Fuse Theatre was proud to present Jose Cruz Gonzalez’s play adaption of Pat Mora's children's book "Tomás and the Library Lady." This bilingual play is the boyhood story of Tomás Rivera and how he befriended a librarian in Iowa who encouraged him to read. The play includes a cast of three with puppets and projections that create a magical journey of discovery. This play was toured with Fuse Theatre's Connect and Play Program.

The Docktown Project

October 2016

This was a community-based theatre project working with "Docktown," a group living on the water who were in danger of losing their homes on the dock. Fuse Ensemble members, including playwright Lane Pianta, uncovered the stories of the community and the issues surrounding their eminent eviction through a series of story circle workshops.

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