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Performances connect audiences with important, often unheard stories. They strengthen awareness and build more equitable communities.

We tell stories to connect communities and create respect for all.

Important, impactful stories told through performance connect communities and individuals on both emotional and intellectual levels. Fuse Theatre uplifts artists from a diversity of backgrounds, identities, and abilities and gives a stage to their stories. We  amplify voices often unheard in professional theater spaces and produce performance projects centered on vital social issues and unique topics.


Supporting Bay Area Artists

We produce original, unpublished works of artists. Previous productions include Being Me is Ridiculous, Because I Went There, Slice of Life, and more.


Providing an Artistic Home for Creatives

Many members of our Sparks Artists Collective come to us with passion projects, which we develop, workshop, and produce as a collective. Previous projects include Special Delivery, Echoes of Them, and more.


Partnering with Communities, Artists, and Organizations

We create new works in collaboration with communities, partnership organizations, and members of our larger artist community. These projects focus on community stories, social justice topics, and core values shared between us and our creative partners. Previous productions include Urgency of Now, Feeling Home, Mitos, Docktown Project, and more.

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